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With the widespread availability of visual novel engines and the ease with which they can be used, the independent creator community is a strong one., mentioned in my page about visual novel forums, is the primary location to find these games. There is an endless flow of homemade visual novels covering all varieties of genre. I believe that the independent creators of the visual novel community play a powerful role in promoting the medium across the world; the vast majority of big-name visual novel developers and publishers are from Japan, so the rising number of indie creators in other countries is generally beneficial for the medium. There are also online communities like indieDB that have groups specifically for visual novel developers and publishers to discuss their ideas and personal progress.

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mainstream recognition

Some indie creators have breached the mainstream market with games like Doki Doki Literature Club due to its shocking horror and accusations of inducing suicide, and Katawa Shoujo thanks to the widespread internet community participation in its creation.

Katawa Shoujo, Four Leaf Studios, 2012

DDLC, Team Salvato, 2017

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